Plastex has always been deeply commited to ongoing research in improving boat speed and racing results.

The most important facts from our revolutionary history:


beginning of research new, more effective shapes of kayaks and canoes. The goal was to optimize the shape of the hull with use of CFD methods in order to minimize the time necessary for boats to cover the required distances. The following hydrodynamic characteristics were optimized as well:

  • wave resistance and friction drag
  • course stability
  • ergonomic working area


beginning of cooperation with the Institute of Hydrodynamics – practical tank tests, preparing models using CNC machines


design revolution made by Plastex, which pushed ICF Committee to change the rules concerning boats dimensions in during ICF Congress in 2000

2007 – 2009

intensive research, measurements and tests between 2007 and 2009, which gave new generation of the boats, so called “Fighter line” which is again revolutionary (eliminated negative phenomenon occurring during the races at different speeds and distances. New line of kayaks and canoes, which are characterized by a new, trapezoid geometry of a hull and double broken bows improved such parameters as total and wave resistance, stability, balance and easy trimming at every speed)

Our revolutionary actions gave us up to date 51 Olympic Medals during every Olympic Games constantly since 1996.

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