About Us

Plastex company was founded in 1990 by Richard Seruga, slalom canoe paddler, who was participant of Olympic Games in Munchen in 1972 and multiple World Championships medalist.

Plastex is a producer of high performance sprint kayaks, canoes, surfskis, dragon boats, parakayaks and paddles for racing canoeing. Our goal is to deliver always the highest quality products as we maintain a staff of experienced employees and we use the best materials together with the newest technologies.

Already third decade we supply excellent athletes and other customers with our equipment. Plastex exports its products to many countries such as: Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Danmark, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Iran, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Finland – just to mention the most important.
Plastex was also the only supplier of boats for such important competitions as Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 (76 boats), Asian Games in Korea in 1998 (89 boats) – Iran in 2001 (245 boats) and Qatar in 2006 (74 boats), All Chinese Championships in 2005 (100 boats), Asian Championships in Iran in 2011 (45 boats), Asian Championships in Uzbekistan (97 boats), Youth Games (Canada 1992), World Games (Brazil 1997), Panamerican Games (1999). We delivered also boats for national teams in Olympic Games in Athens (2004), for national teams and organizing comitee (BOCOG) in Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) – 71 boats, for national teams and organizing comitee (LOCOG) in Olympic Games in London (2012) – 41 boats. We are also delivering every year boats and service for the biggest World’s events like World Cup`s, European, Asian and World Championships and also for the biggest national events. We are supplier and supporter of ICF (technical service during all sport events included). For more than 10 years Plastex supports ICF Development Programme with the equipment.

Up to date, only during Olympics Games (1996-2012), the competitors won 51 medals in Plastex boats and hundreds during European and World Championships.

Since 1998 Plastex cooperates with the Institute of Hydrodynamics to deliver the highest quality products based on application of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) and practical tank tests. To prepare the models, Plastex uses CNC machines.
In 1999 Plastex made a design revolution, which pushed ICF Committee to change the rules concerning boats dimensions during ICF Congress 2000.

Plastex is also proud Partner of International Canoe Federation, European Canoe Association and Asian Canoe Confederation.