World Championships in Portugal – Summary

The most important event of the year has ended, the 2018 Season is al most In the books.


Here are some highlights:

The competitions started with Paracanoeing according to established categories:

In KL3 men Serhii Yemelianov, gold medallist from Rio, defended his world title.

For Maryna Mazhula in KL1 women it was the first on the top of the podium. She finished ahead Eleonor de Paolis from Italy and Jeanette Chippington from Great Britain (Olympic champion).

In KL2 men New Zealender Scott Marlew took silver and Ukranian Mykola Syniuk bronze.

Esteban Farias from Italy defended his title in KL1 men.

In VL3  women Larisa Volik from Russia was first and Natali Lagutenko from Ukraine second.

In KL2 women Charlotte Henshaw took gold, Emma Wiggs silver – both from England and Nadezda Andreeva from Russia bronze.

In KL3 women Amanda Reynolds from Australia was second and Mihaela Lulea from Romania third.

In the above mentioned races, athletes using our boats won 14 out of 21 medals!

Women canoe is growing more and more. Girls In our canoes dominated in some races such as C1 500 or C1 200.

In C1 500 Ksenia Kurach from Russia won the World Championship, Alena Nazdrova from Belarus was second and Katie Vincent from Canada third.

In C1 200 an undisputed champion was Laurence Vincent-Lapointe from Canada, who defended her title, Alesia Romasenko from Russia second and Dorota Borowska from Poland third.

Results of C2 500 – Hungary took silver and Belarus bronze.

Last but not least in the  C1 5000 competition Laurence Vincent-Lapointe went for gold and Annika Loske from Germany took silver.

Moving on to the men’s competition.

It was a perfect competition for Olympic champion Sebastian Brendel. He won gold in C1 1000 – his fourth consecutive world title, silver in C1 500 and gold in C1 5000. He has proven to be one of the greatest of all time in this sport.

In C1 men 200 Artsem Kozyr (Belarus) and Ivan Shtyl (Russia) confirmed their international class taking gold and silver.

Great and exciting race was also in C2 1000 men. Gold went to Yul Oeltze/Peter Kretschmer from Germany, Serguey Madrigal/Fernando Enrique  from Cuba came second and Kirill Shamshurin/Ilya Pervukhin from Russia third.

In the C1 5000 race, besides the mentioned gold for Sebastian, silver went to Fernando Enrique and bronze to Kirill Shamshurin.

Totally 23 medals were won using our boats.