K2 Mini

K2 Mini

All our constructions are in sandwich vacuum bag technology, hot cured.

Available sizes: Athletes kg range:
XS <100
Boat length: 5,5 m
Boat weight: up to 15 kg
Beam: 50 cm
Intended for: Beginners / Children
Available constructions: Club
Construction name: Construction: Colour: Cover:
Club sandwich construction, epoxy resin reinforced by glass and diolen-kevlar fabrics, vacuum bag technology, hot cured One colour of deck and one colour of hull available, colourless hull unavailable, custom colour design – additional payment, more than 2 colours – additional payment. Not Included
Colour name: Example: RAL number:
Black 9005
Dark Blue 5019
Dark Green 6029
Dark Red 3002
Light Blue 5012
Light Green 6018
Light Grey 7047
Orange 2004
Purple 4006
Red 3020
Rose 4003
White 9003
Yellow 1021

Warranty rules:

Plastex warranty is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the first purchase and covers fabrication defects on the boat or its parts.

  1. During the warranty period this product will be repaired without charging for labour and parts.
  2. This warranty is not aplicable in cases other than defects in materials or workmanship and in particular does not cover:
    • damages caused by accidents, modifications or inproper use
    • damages caused by incorrect storage or transportation
    • non-authorized repairs which damage the product
    • product`s repair when the label bearing serial No has been removed or is illegible
  3. The obligations of the producer is limited to the repair of defect parts

Maintenance rules:

Please follow below rules to keep your boat in perfect condition:

  • avoid direct impact with hard objects which can dent your boat
  • do not tie the boat directly on metal racks and do not tie it too hard
  • do not put the boat on the sun for long time
  • make the boat dry before putting it into cover for storage or transport
  • repair your boat only by professional staff