World Championships Moscow 2014

The most important event of this season is over !

This year the World Championships took place in Moscow on the renovated rowing and canoeing course Krylatskoye. Our company was present at this competitions as an ICF partner in connection with the partnership agreement, which we signed as a first water sport equipment producer.

Competition began with Paracanoe races. We have achieved here great success because the athletes are very much satisfied with our models of kayaks and outriggers. Just look at the results – Ukraine`s Yuriy Kikhayev won gold, Iulian Serban from Romania was second and Leonid Krylov from Russia third. Great Britain continued to increase their medal quantity with Emma Wiggs (V1, TA, Gold), Anne Dickins (LTA, Gold), Jeanette Chippington (A, Gold) and Ian Marsden (A, Silver). In the same class – A – Anras Rozbora from Hungary ensured Gold, Svitlana Kupriianova from Ukraine Silver and Alexandra Dupik from Russia bronze. In K-1 TA class, previously mentioned Emma Wiggs was followed by Christine Gauthier from Canada with Silver and Nataliia Lagutenko from Russia with Bronze. In K-1 LTA class Anne Dickins was followed by Cindy Moreau from France (Silver) and Amanda Reynolds from Australia Bronze. In V1 TA class and K-1 TA class Victor Potanin from Russia won twice Bronze medal.

In canoe sprint some races were really exciting – it even happened that two competitors stood on the same step of the podium. Some of them won unexpectedly and some favorites left without a medal.  Sebastian Brendel – current Olympic Champion – won Gold in C-1 1000m race in a NEW Fighter canoe which was delivered to him as the first in the world. Ivan Shtyl and Alexey Korovashkov took Gold in C-2  500m and the Cuban team Serguey Torres and Roleysi Baez won Bronze. Bulgaria`s Miroslav Kirchev claimed Silver medal in K-1 1000m also in a new Fighter prepared for Rio. In C-1 5000m race the battle between Sebastian Brendel and Attila Vajda (both in Plastex boats) was really exciting but finally Sebastian secured gold and Attila Silver. Both followed by Pavel Petrov from Russia. On the next day Sebastian added Silver to his WC collection in C-1 500 race. In C-1 200m race Yuri Cheban (Gold) defeated Korovashkov (Silver) and Jevgenij Shuklin from Lithuania (Bronze). We can`t forget K-2 1000m Women Silver for Belarus and Bronze for Hungary, C-2 1000m and 200m races (gold and silver) and all C-4 medals.

Staniliya Stamenova was second in C-1 women and the teams from Hungary – Zsanett Lakatos, Kincső Takacs and Belarus – Daryna Kastsiuchenka, Kamila Bobr won Gold and Silver in C-2 500m.

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