World Championships Duisburg 2013

On September 1 ended the most important event of this season – World Championships in Duisburg. Although it was held in the post Olympic year, the master class was proved again by many participants. Plastex delivered like always more than 100 boats for this competition and we had a lot of service work (fixing parts and small repairs) like always during such event.

Below some highlights of this event:

K-1 1000 women – gold (Medveczky – Hungary)
C-1 1000 – silver – (Brendel – Germany)
K-2 1000 men – silver – (Miadzvedzeu/Yurenia – Belarus)
C-2 1000 – gold (Vasbanyai/Mike – Hungary)
K-1 500 men – bronze (Hybois – France)
C-1 200 men – all medals (gold: Demyanenko – Azerbaijan, silver: Shtyl – Russia, bronze: Benavides – Spain)
C-1 500 men – silver (Menkov – Uzbekistan) and bronze (Leue – Germany)
C-2 500 ladies – silver (Lakatos / Takacs – Hungary)
K-1 5000 men – silver (Dal Bo – Argentina)
C-4 all medals
Gold in relay race (Poland)
Medals in para canoe

We observe further development of para canoe and women canoe – growing interest and more
competitors in all categories.
Congratulations to All (!)