Road to RIO

We are getting closer nd closer to the Olympic Games. The World Cups are over. You could follow and check all results and nice photos on ICF website online…or personally at site.

Generally all superstars and champions opened Olympic season in good form.

But as someone told us – new generation knocks at the door – the Moldovian brothers Serguey and Oleg Tarnovschi are the best example.  In Racice, for example, they took two gold, one silver and one bronze medal.  As they say – we are two in the canoe, but it`s only one mind racing. Really great(!)

Another newcomer is the young Oleh Kukharyk from Ukraine who took gold in Duisburg in K1 500m. Sebastian Brendel was unbeaten in the last 10 races in C1 1000m since 2013. Tomasz Kaczor (POL) confirmed his place in the Olympic team. Also Manfredi Rizza (ITA) new star in K1 200m races – gold in Duisburg –  is qualified to Rio. Qiang Li of China was twice second in C-1 races. Yvonne Schuring was third in K1 500m.

In women canoe Dorota Borowska (POL) took gold in C1 W200m and together with Stanny (POL) silver in C2 W 500m.

World championships in Paracanoeing Duisburg 2016

It was very good competition showing the domination of Plastex models in every category.

Edina Mueller (GER) managed her final so good that she sprinted out the 10-time gold medallist Jeanette Chippington (GBR) who won silver this time and Alexndra Dupik (RUS). Emma Wiggs (GBR) KL2 W 200m and Tom Kierey (GER) KL3 M 200m defended their titles. In men category KL3 200m Serhii Yemelianov (KAZ) was second and Leonid Krylov (RUS) third.

Anne Dickins (GBR) KL 3 W 200m won again gold and Amanda Reynolds (AUS) was second.

Jakub Tokarz secured silver medal adding to his multiple European results.

World University Championships

Just after the third World Cup in Portugal in Montemor-O-Velho took place 7th Canoe Sprint World University Championships with 18 countries,  which originally were to be held in Mexico.

And the Polish Team was the great winner of this edition. In K1 races Pawel Szandrach won gold on 500m and 1000m. In C-2 200m Michal Lubniewski and Arsen Sliwinski came first. Michal Lubniewski also took silver medal in C1 200m. In K-2 200m Ambroziak/Mazur were the best.

We have also to mention other winners using our boats:

K1 200m Michele Bertolini won gold

K2 200m Bertolini/Cecchini won silver

C1 200m Vadim Korobov (LTU) took gold and Loic Leonard (FRA) bronze

C1 1000m Loic Leonard (FRA) was the best

C4 all medals in all races

European Sprint Championships in Moscow 2016

It was the last big senior sprint event of this olympic season. Not all of the athletes decided to take part in this competition because of the preparation for the Olympics.

European Paracanoeing Championships also took place in Moscow last weekend.

2015 European champions should defend their titles: Sarah Guyot (FRA) gold in K1W200m and bronze in K1W500m; Andrei Kraitor (RUS) first in C1 M 200m and Artsem Kozyr second; Staniliya Stamenova (BUL) in C1 W 200m; Pavlov (RUS) silver and Altukhov (UKR) bronze; Brendel C1 1000m.

The first day showed excellent form of Sebastian Brendel who took gold again in C1 1000m. Serghei Tarnovschi was second (!). Russia dominated C2 and C4 events. Korovashkov/ Pervukhin won gold in C2 M1000m, Vasbanyai/Mika (HUN) silver. Russian C4 M1000m came first, Ukraine second and Romania third.

In Paracanoe Edina Mueller (GER) continued her successful season winning gold in KL1 W200m. Alexandra Dupik (RUS) was second and Kamila Kubas (POL).

Other results on Sunday:

C1 M 500m Mikhail Pavlov (RUS) was second and Oleg Tarnovschi  third

C1 M 200m Andrei Kraitor (RUS) won gold and Artiom Kozyr  (BLR) won bronze.

Just after him Oleksandr Maksymchuk (UKR) crossed the finish line.

C1 W 200m Staniliya Stamenova who defended her champion title of 2015 won silver this time

C2 M 200m Kiraj/Holtz were second