Historical success of Plastex brand on the first kayak competition on Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

14 out of 18 medals won paddlers on Plastex boats – including all gold medals.

As in 2009 in Canada started first parakayak competition, paddlers were using specially adapted touristic kayaks. Now – using specially prepared for para paddlers boats, they are able to get below 40 seconds in 200 meters distance (category K-1 3).

Now is the same story as in 2000 during Olympic Games in Sydney. Then new generation of innovative kayaks and canoes prepared and produced by Plastex dominated the world. According to new boats construction ICF changed the rules and Plastex brand was NO 1 in the world.

Now after this success during Paralympic Games we believe it is beginning of new era for our company.

We would like to congratulate all medalists and thank you for putting trust in our products.