European Canoe Sprint Championships – Racice 2015

Well, it all began again !!!

The first competition of this special – PREOLYMPIC- season is over.  With 846 competitors from 35 countries it was one of the biggest continental sport events, paracanoe including.

At the 2015 European Canoe Sprint Championships two teams dominated medal tables: German and  Great Britain`s in paracanoe races.

Sebastian Brendel was once again the strongest in German team. He won his favourite C-1 distances 1000 and 5000 m. We are happy that Olympic and world champion showed his dominance but we would like also to congratulate silver medalist in C-1 1000m Tomasz Kaczor from Poland and Pavlo Altukhov from Ukraine who won bronze.  Altukhov  added also bronze over 500m; in this race silver medal won Mikhail Pavlov from Russia.

In C-1 5000m Sebastian secured easily gold. Pavel Petrov (Russia) was second and Maksim Piatrouto (Belarus) third.  C-1 paddler Andrei Kraytor from Russia  was the quickest over  200m. Korovashkov/Shtyl  from Russia were as usual well prepared and won two gold medals – 500 and 200m

In women races Sarah Guyot from France in K-1 and Stanilija Stamenova from Bulgaria in C-1 won their respective finals – 200m. Sara Guyot also added  bronze in 500m race. Congratulations!
In general, women canoe races are developing more and more. As written Stamenova was the best , but Zsanett Lakatos from Hungary was second and Irina Andreeva third .
C-2 500m Kastiuchenka/Bobr  won gold and Lakatos/Takacs from Hungary were second and Andreeva/Nikiforova third .

Sorry, for such counting game, but this competition was successful  and it is difficult not to mention all medalists using our boats.
We can`t forget about team races K-2 men 1000m and  C-2 men 1000m. Bialko/Piatrushenko from Belarus and Oeltze/Verch won bronze in their respective finals. Bialko /Piatrushenka added bronze in K-2  500m

We also congratulate C-4 teams for their work – Russia  (gold), Romania (silver), Ukraine (bronze) – just to mention only three first places.

Great Britain and Plastex boats  dominated paracanoe races. Using our best models of boats they  stood mostly on the podium. 2014 World and European Champion – Jeanette Chippington continued her success and she was 3 seconds faster than second placed Edina Mueller from Germany in KL1 200m final. Alexandra Dupik from Russia was third. KL2 results also in Plastex boats:  Cindy Moreau from France, Emma Wiggs from Great Britain and Rimma Egorkina from Russia. Anne Dickins won gold in KL3 200m. Larisa Volik from Russia was the best in VL3.

Ian Marsden – European Champion and Worlds silver medalist 2014 – again was the best in KL1. Followed by Salvatore Ravalli from Italy who won silver and Jakub Tokarz  from Poland who was third. Victor Potanin from Russia won silver KL2 category and Janos Bencze from Hungary won bronze. Rob Oliver from GB  took gold in the men’s KL3 200m final.  Tom Kierey from Germany silver medal and Mateusz Surwiło from Poland  bronze medal.

As one of the athletes said: To win at the Europeans is a great way to start the season.  So we would like to congratulate once again all medalists. Thank you for using Plastex boats !!!

See you in the next competition.