Asian Championships Samarkand 2013

Also in September, between 26-29, another Asian Canoe Sprint Championships (XV edition) were held on the newly created venue in Samarqand, where we delivered more than 100 boats for this competition.
Definitely the largest number of medals won the representatives of the host country- Uzbekistan, exchanging places on the podium with Kazachstan, China and Iran.

Good form and preparation confirmed Vadim Menkov (Uzbekistan) C-1 gold 500 and 1000, Aleksey Mochalov (Uzbekistan) K-1 gold 500 and 1000, Inna Klinova (Kazakhstan) K-1 gold 200, Ahmad Reza Talebian (Iran) K-1, Yemelyanov/Yemelyanov (Kazakhstan) C-2 gold 200, Mirbekov/ Kochnev (Uzbekistan) C-2 gold 500 and 1000.

Check out the gallery with photos – it is a sight to behold (!)