World Cups report

As usual, in May, there were 3 editions of the World Cup. This year hosted by Milan, Racice and Szeged.  Once again, the company took part in all events offering to the athletes equipment and service. Despite the dominance of one company boats, the competitors using our equipment occupied the top places on the podium and in the classification.

Although not all teams participated in all editions – as once – undisputed king of this year editions was Sebastian Brendel (Germany). He won 5 gold medals (only in Szeged 3). Therefore, we write about women in second place: Karolina Naja (Poland) won 1 x gold (200m) and 2 x bronze (200m); Beata Mikołajczyk (Poland) – 1x gold (1000m) and 1x silver (500m); Yvonne Schuring (Austria) – 1 x bronze and 1 x silver (500m); Sarah Guyot (France) – 1 x silver (200m). Very good result was achieved in K-1 500m by Miroslav Kirchev from Bulgaria who won silver medal. In K-4 race 1000m the Belarus team stood on the podium (silver medal).

Coming back to canoeists, we have also to mention Stefan Kiray (Germany) 1x sillver (200m), Ivan Shtyl (Russia) – 1 x gold (200m). In C-2 (1000m) Germany won gold (Oelze/Ferch); silver and bronze also in our boats. C-2 (500m) silver for Nuck/Holtz (Germany). C-2 (200m) all medals (Germany, Hungary, Cuba). We also want to draw attention that the cuban C-2 is back in our boat and won bronze medal. For the first time in the history french team won gold medal in C-4 (all Plastex boats).

Much success was in the categories: women canoe and paracanoe.  C-1 (200m) gold and silver won by Belarusian ladies C-1 and C-2 in Szeged – all medals. In paracanoe silver and bronze medals.

Congratulations to all – next events coming soon.

Below some pictures from these events:


DSCN1814 DSCN1808 DSCN1795 DSC_0052 DSC_0045 DSC_0043 DSC_0026 DSC_0007